Participate in our Armory Art Center Experience Thursdays, Fridays, and Weekends

Amory Art Center Experience in CityPlaceThursdays, Fridays, and Weekends all serve as a homage to the Armory built following the closure of the Norton Museum in 1986. Upon its closing, a group of teachers, artists, and community activists came together to guarantee that art instruction would continue in Palm Beach. They used the Armory building, constructed in 1939, aptly named as it was a National Guard Armory from 1939 to 1982, just a few miles away from downtown West Palm Beach and CityPlace. This April, they opened a pop up location in the heart of CityPlace, called the Armory Art Center Experience.

A Memorable CityPlace Experience

Are you an aspiring artist? Do you want to try your hand at putting the brush to canvas? Do you simply want to get a refresher course at what could be considered one of the greatest art experiences in West Palm Beach? A visit to the Amory Art Center Experience in CityPlace could be exactly what you need to be inspired or to bring a long-lost hobby back to the surface.

Something for Everyone

The Armory Art Center Experience brings unique opportunities whether you’re a new artist or a veteran of the arts. The event works quite well for families as there are opportunities for both adults and children. At the pop-up shop, you will find, among other things, a Amory Art Center Experience in CityPlacesnapshot of the classes held at the Armory, which include a comprehensive training for adults, including demonstrations of techniques taught in the best art classes. Children will have the opportunity to participate in hands-on workshops at the pop-up, giving them an early appreciation for the arts run by one of the best facilities in West Palm Beach.

An Affordable Experience

With CityPlace’s reimagination process, arts and culture are at the heart, bringing more experiences to guests in the downtown area. The Armory Art Center serves as a center of arts & culture in West Palm Beach, and you can count on it for more. Visit the Armory’s website (, for a list of events and programs available to aspiring art students.

The calendar also details upcoming events, festivals, lectures, and virtually anything else an up and coming art coinsure could want. For families, and artists, the pop-up at CityPlace is a prime opportunity to get a glimpse into all things offered by the Armory.


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