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Hybrid Infinity mural by Frankie Cihi

Inspiring the Community Through Arts & Culture

At Rosemary Square, visitors can unleash their own creativity, while interacting with international and local artists through large-scale installations, murals, pop-up galleries and more.

female artist standing with painting
Artist-in-Residence Program

Rosemary Square has welcomed local artist Sarah LaPierre to take over the studio, located along Rosemary Avenue. As a second generation artist, LaPierre is known for her "thick paint" impasto style and is inspired by Florida's unique and vibrant flora & fauna.

The Wishing Tree
The Wishing Tree

A new community-gathering place and towering 32-foot-tall LED banyan tree pushing the boundaries of art and technology.

water fountain at Rosemary Square
Water Pavilion West Palm

A social sculpture of ever-changing rooms created by vertical columns of water by Danish artist Jeppe Hein.

Art piece spelling out My East Is Your West
My East is Your West

A thought-provoking installation revealing its true message through pulsating, sequential lights.

The outside of an ornate building
District Art

Discover work by local and international artists around every corner of the neighborhood.

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