New Wave Artist-In-Residence Program with Joiri Minaya

Joiri Minaya will be the New Wave Artist-in-Residence at Rosemary Square from March 8-May 11, 2021.

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About the Artist

A Dominican-United Statesian multi-disciplinary visual artist, Minaya's works destabilize historic and contemporary representations of an imagined tropical identity. Navigating the global North / South informs her recent work, expanding her initial preoccupations around the body, domesticity, and gender roles into the landscape: unlearning, decolonizing and exorcizing larger systems. Her work explores the performativity of tropical identity as product: the performance of labor, decoration, beauty, leisure, service, and the (female, brown, black) body within it all. Minaya has exhibited internationally across the Caribbean and the U.S. and is a recipient of numerous grants including the Artadia grant, Nancy Graves Foundation Grant and more.

Date & Time

March 8-May 11

Female artist standing in front of colorful painting

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