A former Macy’s storefront has been co-opted and turned into one of the greatest creative spaces in West Palm Beach. Swept up in the urban revival program, the former retail store is now an integral part of the cultural agenda with a program that aims to revitalize the eclectic history that the area was once so deeply steeped in. From culinary walk-up windows to educational programming, and art/culture related activities, those who visit will not find themselves with a lack of things to do. When combined with other activities, and events in West Palm Beach, this will make for an absolutely perfect addition to the already growing community.

A New Element of Surprise for a Changing Community

Culture LabSpace will change considerably with a massive art exhibit, curated with Culture Corps expanding across the first floor, and a sound installation on the second floor. Outside, the culture lab will feature an exterior wrap, extending around the entire façade of the building and showcasing the artistry of Michael Craig-Martin.

The first floor exhibits will include assemblage, which started with two artists. Ionna Pantazaopopulou and Jennifer Steinkamp formed the groundwork for this incredible display, and as time goes on, Assemblage will see more artists integrated until December 18 when the exhibit reaches its climax. Visitors to the Assemblage exhibit will be able to lie on one of the nine hammocks and view the sculptures above, making this a truly unique experience for anyone involved.

You are the Magic – An Immersive Multi-Channel Sound Art Experience

Not all art is visual, as this amazing exhibit will serve to prove. ‘You are the Magic’ will bring audible art to an entirely new level, with the exhibit occupying the entire second floor of the former Macy’s. Visitors will be invited to enjoy a non-linear experience which allows them to enter the exhibit through a variety of different entrances. Depending on which entrance you use, you could have an entirely different auditory experience.

The exhibit has been set up in such a way that it uses the acoustics of the building with each soundscape reacting in a specific way to the architecture. No matter where you stand, you’re going to hear something different, and you’re going to have an entirely different experience. This alone makes the exhibit worth visiting.

Yoga and More

Along with the ultimate art and culture experience, you can enjoy a 60-minute vinyasa yoga class, held in the Culture Lab at the Luggage Chapel. 10 AM, every Sunday in May, you can practice yoga surrounded by the sounds generated by the exhibit ‘You are the Magic’. It will make for the most relaxing yoga class you’ve ever had! This is one of the best events in West Palm Beach Fl and one that you won’t want to miss.

The Culture Lab offers a wide range of sensory opportunities for those who wish to grace the lobby and beyond of this former Macy’s, and if you don’t stop in, feel free to enjoy the incredible mural wrapping the exterior. Check the link and stop by Fridays, Saturdays & Sundays from 11am-6pm.



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