Check out The Shack in CityPlace for fresh flavors and outdoor dining

Palm Beach Post
January 26, 2018

By Julio Poletti

The Shack, the newly revealed little sister of Field of Greens in West Palm Beach, could be healthy or not-so-healthy. The new CityPlace spot is whatever you want it to be.

It offers a little bit of this, a little bit of that. You can get a chocolate cookie or a healthy salad. You can choose an immune booster juice or a Nutella-stuffed acai bowl. There’s something for everyone’s hunger pangs on The Shack’s fresh menu of items ranging from $5.50 to $10.00.

The Shack sits in a 300-square foot, stand-alone building in CityPlace’s main plaza, between the main stage and WPB Collective. You have two options for enjoying your food: grab-and-go or sit outside. The outside area is enhanced with industrial light bulbs hanging from the roof, a big chalkboard menu and painted palm trees on the walls.

Hugging The Shack, creating sort of a patio, are wooden planters enclosing wooden picnic tables and white table sets.

The Shack at CityPlace is the little sister pop-up of Field of Greens, serving fresh dining choices like salads and smoothies. On the menu, there are six categories to choose from: Salads, sandwiches, smoothies, juice, protein shakes or Acai bowls. According to the owners, there are already a few favorites.

Of course, there’s Field of Green’s ever-popular Chicken Caesar salad, but another hit has been the Full of Life salad, which has chicken tossed in greens, quinoa, Craisins, roasted almonds, tomatoes and a lemon olive oil dressing. When it comes to sandwiches, the roasted turkey California has become a best seller. Other highlights are the Almond Brothers smoothie, the Fog juice, The Pump protein shake and the acai bowls.

Fresh squeezed orange juice and an acai bowl from The Shack at CityPlace in West Palm Beach, Florida, the sister pop-up to Field of Greens. If some items on the menu look familiar, that’s because they are.

“We just took our regular menu and made it smaller with our most popular things. We feel like, that’s sort of the new direction that Field of Greens is going. It’s so much easier to get the food out fast and keep it as fresh as possible,” said co-owner Deborah Lakaw.

Inside The Shack, there are real pineapples displayed in front of a white subway tile backsplash and wooden shelves carrying containers and other tropical decorations, which you can see when you order from the window. This is where all the food gets prepared, organized and served.

“Fine-casual is the thing now,” said co-owner Hess Musallet. “We make everything from scratch at Field of Greens. Everything is homemade. We don’t pre-make anything and everything is made to order.”

While there’s no cooking going on in The Shack, you be sure what you’re ordering is served fresh. The cooked items are prepared daily at Field of Greens on Clematis and transferred immediately.

This is one of CityPlace’s latest additions, after new efforts to reimagine and integrate the shopping center with the local community.

“As we’re about to embark in a 3-to-5 year reinvestment in the entire project [CityPlace], we’re really shifting to what is more of an authentic urban district, and one of the best ways to do that is partnering with some of the best in class food and beverage operators,” said Jordan Rathlev, director at Related on behalf of CityPlace.

Field of Greens was an obvious choice as it is a staple of the Clematis dining scene. The owners say a lot of CityPlace employees and students from the Dreyfoos School of the Arts have already become regular customers at The Shack.

“It’s only been two weeks, so you have to give us a chance, but so far it has been great. Our biggest surprise is how welcoming and excited everyone has been.”

The Shack at CityPlace: 650 S. Rosemary Ave., West Palm Beach; Hours: Monday through Sunday, 10:00 a.m. to 6 p.m.; Instagram


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