As an adult, you may never have thought of taking your date on a night out bowling. Isn’t bowling now outdated, or just for kids? You’d be surprised. Newer establishments such as Revolutions Bowling Alley are up to date and have everything you need for a great night out.

Why Bowling?

You may not have been bowling since you were a kid, but it’s well worth taking your date out to play a few games. It’s something different that can shake up your normal routine, or show a new date a good time. Why not show you’re a little bit different by taking them somewhere a little bit different?

There’s a lot of reasons why bowling makes the perfect date night:

  • Laugh together: No one wants to hang out with someone who takes themselves too seriously. Bowling gives you the chance to have fun together, and you don’t have to be good at it. In fact, it’s funnier if you’re not great at bowling!
  • Friendly competition: There’s no better way if finding out if your date is a good sport than engaging in some friendly competition.
  • No need to dress up: Of course, you should always make an effort to your date, but a bowling alley is a relaxed place to take your date. Neither of you has to worry about strict dress codes, so you can just wear whatever’s comfortable.
  • Enjoy each other’s company: Unlike a movie, you can both chat away as you bowl and enjoy each others’ company. It’s the best way to get to know one another, or reconnect.
  • It won’t break the bank: You want to show your date a good time, but you can’t keep paying out for expensive dates. Bowling is the best way to have fun without making your wallet cry.

Of course, your choice of venue is important. You can’t take your date to any old bowling alley. You want to pick somewhere that’s state of the art, fun to be, and just that little bit glamorous. If you want to go bowling in your area, then you want to choose our luxury location.

Revolutions Bowling Alley

Not Just A Bowling Alley

So, why go bowling on date night? Because the best bowling centers can offer much more than a lane and a couple of games. If you go bowling in West Palm Beach, you can take advantage of all of the following:

  • High Energy Bars: Stop for a few drinks before or after you bowl, and enjoy each other’s company in a beautifully decorated and exciting bar environment.
  • Sports Amphitheater: Are you both sports nuts? Then check out the latest game in a high-tech, state of the art theater.
  • Fantastic American Cuisine: Combine your bowling date night with tasty, freshly made food that you can both enjoy.
  • VIP Bowling: Book a VIP bowling lane and treat your date to a luxury bowling experience they’ll love.
  • Live Music: Come by on a Friday or Saturday night and you can take in a live show as well as a game.
  • Full Redemption aArcade: Why not win your date a prize in the arcade? Sure, it’s a little cheesy, but who doesn’t love a prize won just for them?

As you can see, you can make a night of it with us. Get dinner, go bowling, and then take in some live music, or watch the game on the big screen. Everything’s right here under one roof, so you don’t need to go anywhere else.

It’s Easy To Book A Date

book your date nightIf you’re interested, it’s easy to get a lane with us. You can book ahead by calling us, or even booking through our website. That way, you know you can show up and get a lane without the hassle and the wait.

It’s always a good idea to book ahead, especially if you’re visiting at the weekend. You’re making sure that you and your date will have a great time, right from the get go. They’ll appreciate the thought, and be glad that you can get bowling right away!

Palm Beach Country bowling is the way to go if you’re looking for a way to switch up date night. There’s so many things you can do, you’ll have to go more than once to try them all out. Your date will love being taken somewhere new, and there’s no doubt you’ll both have a great time.

That’s why you should book your date night today! Get online and get your lane ready for the time you want it. Take a new love interest out to show them a good time, or switch up date night to make it fresh. You and your date are sure to have an amazing time.


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