Eat Your Way Through CityPlace

CityPlace West Palm BeachHere at CityPlace, we’re famous for a lot of things, but something we’re very proud of is the selection of food and drink we have in our Palm Beach County best restaurants. If you have a hankering for burgers, Mexican food, or steak, we have something for you. There’s much more to us than that though! Here’s how you can eat your way through CityPlace in style.

Let’s Start With Dessert

We’re all adults here, and that means that we can start with dessert if we want to! With so many dessert-themed national days in March, it would be rude not to. After all, it’s National Banana Cream Pie Day on March 3rd, National Pound Cake Day on March 4th, and National Peanut Cluster Day on March 8th, just to name a few.

Since dessert is so important, we have plenty of places where you can indulge your sweet tooth. There’s the 4D Gelateria, which offers some of the most amazing homemade Italian gelatos you’ve ever had. If ice cream is more your style, Sloan’s and Rita’s Italian Ice have more flavors than you can count! Of course, we also have the world famous Cheesecake Factory, which offers delicious cheesecakes that you can’t get anywhere else.

Catch Up With Friends Over A Coffee

Sometimes all you want to do is sit down and chat with your friends over a coffee. Maybe you’ve been out on a shopping spree around our stores, or you just want to kick back and relax. If that sounds like a good time to you, we’ve got plenty to offer here at CityPlace.

Of course, we play host to America’s favorite coffee shop, Starbucks. You can grab your drink to go, or you can sit back and relax, savoring your coffee as you catch up with your loved ones.

We also have the Capital One Cafe, where you can give your bank a boost as well as your caffeine levels. The coffee is delicious and well worth trying.

Watch The Game And Get A Bite To Eat

Revolutions AlleyEveryone likes going to the local sports bar in order to watch the game. It’s the best place to be when you’re surrounded by fans who are as invested as you are. We know that a good sports bar is important to any community, and that’s why we’ve brought you the best sports bar around.

Revolutions bar has a fantastic menu, full of burgers, fries and more to keep you full of energy to cheers on your favorite team. As well as this, they offer live entertainment so keep an eye out to see who’s going to be playing at the bar, while you get your dinner on.

That’s not all though, Revolutions is actually a full bowling alley as well as a sports bar! You can book your bowling in advance, play a game, and then sit down for dinner and watch the game on their big screens. There really is nothing better.

Food From Around The World

Hankering for something that’s new and exciting? The best restaurants in West Palm Beach are right here, and they’ve got something for everyone. Take Cabo Flats, for example. This Mexican restaurant features the authentic taste of Mexican cuisine, which you can wash down with a mimosa or even a tequila if you’re feeling brave.

If Japanese food is what you’re looking for, we’ve got you covered too. Saito’s Steak House offers everything from sushi to steak, and it’s an experience you can’t miss out on. You’ve got to try the Kobe steak, it’s got to be the best steak you’ve ever tried. Don’t feel like steak? Why not try something more adventurous, like the ostrich?

If you’re looking for restaurants in West Palm Beach, you can’t do better than what we have on offer in CityPlace. Come celebrate with us, watch the game, or just take advantage of a holiday to eat your favorite meal.

As you can see, we have a huge amount to offer when it comes to food. Come check out what we have, and make a day of it. Whether you’re eating seafood or steak, there’s something here that will satisfy everyone.


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