Don’t Miss Kitty Yoga this March!

Yoga was introduced to the West in the last 19th and early 20th century, in the 1980s rising in popularity as a form of physical exercise. Yoga stems from Indian traditions that see it more than a form of exercise, but a spiritual and meditative core.

With one of the most stressful seasons of the year finally coming to a close, now is probably a good time to take a step back and breathe. Practicing yoga is a good way to help yourself relax, but we can do you one better. Doing yoga with kittens!

Cats Make Everything Better

Kitten Yoga

The events in West Palm Beach are numerous from light shows to grand openings, but the one we’re most excited about this month is Kitten Yoga! The new Peggy Adams Pup-Up Shop will be hosting a few feline friends on March 17th and March 31st where you can come and enjoy purrfect fun!

Cats are amazing animals and millions of people have a feline companion they’ve bonded with over the years who have changed their life or just been there to offer their companionship. Cats often have a bad rap for “hating” their human owners and not being social, but that’s not true! Every cat is different with their own personality where there are feline friends who can play all day and like to cuddle, where others only want to visit with you at their established hours. Regardless of their personality, you’ll enjoy one of these awesome events with the kittens!

Yoga has been shown to help with stress, but what about cats?

How Cats Help with Health

It’s not lying that cats are adorable, especially kittens, but do they REALLY help with your health? Believe it or not, cats do a lot for us not many people know about that makes them even more amazing. For example, if you’re around cats as a child it’ll lower your chances of developing allergies later on in life. There are studies showing that newborns who live with animals, mainly dogs and cats, have a lowered chance of developing allergies. Being around animals can also help to lower the chance of a child developing asthma too.

If that doesn’t already make you excited enough about the kitten events we have going on this month, you’ll be happy to know feline friends can help to lower blood pressure too. There was a study done by the State University of New York at Buffalo where it was found people who own pets are more likely to have low blood pressure compared to those who don’t own any. Just petting a cat and enjoying the company of a feline companion can be calming and helps to lower blood pressure.

How Does Yoga Help with Stress?

Kitten YogaWe are so excited for all the events in West Palm Beach that are going to be taking place soon since we know it can help people to relieve stress. You know now that cats can help to relieve stress, but what about yoga?

There are potential health benefits to practicing yoga that can help to relieve stress and to improve your fitness. One of the ways it helps with reducing stress is learning how to control your breathing while doing poses. Controlling your breathing can help you to quiet your mind and gain better control of your body.

Many people also mix meditation with their yoga routine which helps them to be present at the moment. It has helped many people to be more mindful of themselves and to be more aware of what is going on around them. Combined with improved fitness and stress reduction, many people who practice yoga usually enjoy a better quality of life.

We are so happy to be having feline friends practicing yoga with us this March and hope you can make it to the event! We looking forward to having you and hope you’ll enjoy the companionship of these adorable kittens during your visit.


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