CityPlace Neighborhood Announces Integration Of New Art Exhibits At Culture Lab

Three local artists will be integrated into ASSEMBLAGE: An Organically Grown Exhibition located on the first floor of Culture Lab

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla (July 10, 2018) – As part of its ongoing investment in arts & culture, CityPlace is pleased to announce the addition of three local artists to ASSEMBLAGE: An Organically Grown Exhibitionthe yearlong visual art project that was unveiled this spring during CityPlace’s inaugural Art Affair in Culture Lab – the former Macy’s storefront-turned-immersive-arts-experience curated in partnership with NYC-based Culture Corps.

Local artists Amy Gross, Sarah Knouse and Phillip Estlund will open their thought-provoking exhibitions on July 26 at 12pm with a meet and greet from 4-6pm. Additional international artists will be added this fall until the exhibit culminates in December. 

“It is extremely gratifying to work in a community with such talented artists and engage with Sarah Knouse, Amy Gross, and Philip Estlund in the next phase of this project,” said Culture Corps co-founder Doreen Remen. “Their artwork in the show is not only engaging and relevant, but we also gain from their understanding of the West Palm Beach region and knowledge of the local history. The work resonates with a unique perspective and aligns with the curatorial vision of ASSEMBLAGE at Culture Lab.” 

Amy Gross’ hand embroidered and beaded fiber sculpture Silver Bees and Black and White Warblers, creates a symbiotic soft green world altered from within by spores that have slowly turned it hard and icy and sharp. Bees and birds, often the first victims of changes in the environment are, in this scenario, adapting to their new world, adjusting and thriving. The emptied Macy’s, cleared of its original purpose, is a perfect environment for the spores to spread and form their own colonies. Warblers, unobtrusive birds adept at adapting to suburban neighborhoods, are the perfect colonizers, spreading the spores and creating their own neighborhoods. In this instance, nature, through its insistence and adaptability, reigns supreme.

“My installation for Assemblage is my first site-specific work, and, true to the organic theme of the exhibition, has given me the opportunity to allow Silver Bees to expand and grow,” said Gross. “The time frame and environment of the emptied department store allows me to return to it again and again and, literally, set it free, let it develop as if my materials were actual living things. It has opened up the possibilities of what I can do with fiber art, a rare and wonderful opportunity.”

Nearby, visitors can view Sarah Knouse’s Leopard Lamp III, a piece that is part of a series of works springing from the artist’s exploration of themes including ornamentation and superficial grandeur as they occur on a domestic scale. Knouse investigates the representation of material languages within the home as she considers the iconography of domestic designs that imply a specific brand aesthetic or social status. The use of animal forms found at the base of a claw-footed bathtub or crouching in the curving cabriole legs of the 18th century French furnishings and other collaged replicas intrigued the artist. From a design standpoint, she found the fetishization of animal skin prints and forms in nature of particular interest. The Leopard Lamp series was created by sculpting a distorted feline form, creating a mold, and then casting fiberglass replicas. Each cast was then painted and painstakingly surfaced with suede and flocking powder which morph fluidly from a leopard print to a leafy damask pattern.

Also on view will be Phillip Estlund’s Untitledshowcasing an assembled sculpture reflective of the tenuous present day environmental and financial climate. The work is constructed from ordinary materials collected from demolition sites—such as rusted appliance doors and broken plywood–all in advanced stages of decrepitude, further hastened by the volatile South Florida climate. Often accompanied by titles referring to the current state of affairs, Estlund aims to illustrate, the anonymous lives that once inhabited the now broken architectural bodies and abandoned landscapes. So familiar in the daily Florida environment, elements of these referenced dwellings take on characteristics which are both architectural and recognizable. Through these sculptures, Estlund attempts to embrace attrition and the resulting degeneration as a force of both inevitable annihilation and potential growth. Through the use of a menagerie of man-made, natural, and synthetic-chemical materials he addresses the visual/physical stew that is our contemporary landscape and examines the complexities of living in such a place.

“Alongside world class international artists, we are proud to feature local artists we feel are breaking the boundaries of creativity,” said Gopal Rajegowda, Senior VP, Related Companies. “We are proud to present works free of charge to the public as part of a new focus to think progressively about the future of Downtown West Palm Beach.” 

ASSEMBLAGE is also the home of T.E.E. The Exotic Express, a vibrant interactive work consisting of nine unique hammocks that weave in common objects, hung in a carousel-like display and lush with local plants from artist Ioanna Pantazopoulou. Also showcased is Cultured, a masterfully rendered digital artwork depicting large scale, gently swaying pearls, playfully site-specific within what was the “jewelry section” of the former department store by artist Jennifer Steinkamp.

The evolving exhibition will be free of charge and open to the public Thursday – Sunday, 12 – 6 p.m. For more information, please visit

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