This summer is bringing some of the most exciting blockbusters to the big screen. If you’re looking to catch a movie with your friends and family this season, AMC CityPlace 20 has plenty to offer. Here are just two of our new movies that audiences are excited to see.

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

If you loved Jurassic World and were excited to see the Jurassic Park franchise come back, then you’re going to love the last movie coming out this summer. Fallen Kingdom carries on where Jurassic World left off, with Isla Nubar now overrun with dinosaurs. With an active volcano about to erupt, Owen Grady and Claire Dearing are back, looking to rescue the dinosaurs and bring them back to a reserve in America. One of the missing dinosaurs is Blue, one of the last raptors that Owen trained, and he’s looking to bring her back before the worst happens.

Once the volcano erupts, Owen and Claire uncover the true reason why they were tasked with rescuing the dinosaurs. Now they face a new threat when an intelligent hybrid dinosaur, the Indoraptor, escapes and starts wreaking havoc in their new home.

Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard have returned for this blockbuster sequel, along with a new cast of characters including Rafe Spall. If you’re looking for action this summer, this is the movie to see at AMC.

Incredibles 2

Speaking of action, Pixar Disney fans are hyped to see the Parr family return to the big screen after 14 years. The sequel starts off right where the original movie ended, with the family facing off against the enemy, The Underminer.

In this movie, we see the family carrying on as normal, despite their superpowers. Ultrafast Dash and invisible Violet still go to school, while their dad Bob who boasts the opposite of a dad-bod, stays at home to look after his family, including Jack-Jack, a baby with mysterious powers. In the meantime, mom Helen is still fighting crime as Elastigirl, while campaigning for the rights of those with superpowers.

Soon though, the family is up against a new threat: a supervillain known as ‘Screenslaver’. Will they be able to defeat him and defend innocent people from his powers?

Come to the Movies at AMC Theaters

If you’re thinking of heading to the cinema this summer to see either of these movies, then you’ve got to come to the AMC at CityPlace.

Our movie theatre includes all kinds of fun screens and experiences, including Sony 4K digital projection, IMAX screens, and D Box Motion Code seating with 3D projection. These are all engaging and exciting ways you can experience the movies for yourself. It’s well worth booking an IMAX screening for either Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom or Incredibles 2, as it’ll give you a fully immersive and beautiful viewing of these highly anticipated movies.

What’s even better about AMC CityPlace 20 is that you can make an afternoon of it there when you come to see a movie. Hot food is served here, so you can get a delicious meal while you’re watching the film. There’s even a fully stocked bar for the 21 and up the crowd. It’s the best way to start off a night out with a group of friends, and you can carry on the party after the movie is over with one of the many bars in CityPlace.

Parking And Discounts

Looking to save money? We’ve got you covered. Every Tuesday is Stimulus Tuesday, so you can get discounts on all our tickets.

You can save money on parking too. The first 80 minutes of your visit at CityPlace is always complimentary; validate your parking at AMC and get 4 total free hours of parking.

Whatever you’ve got lined up for the summer, you can be sure that AMC Theaters have something that you’ll want to see. An afternoon or evening at the movies is always a treat, and with so many highly anticipated movies showing this summer, you’re bound to have a good time.

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom and Incredibles 2 are just two of the exciting summer line up movies we have planned for you. Bring the kids or your friends and enjoy a movie in our cinema!


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