The Faces of Rosemary Square: Sarah LaPierre

Meet the Co-founder of The Garden Shoppe

Painting of a sunset over the ocean

Rosemary Square is full of creatives, entrepreneurs, movers & shakers and all around hard workers who breathe life into the neighborhood.⁣ ⁣

Meet Sarah LaPierre, cofounder of The Garden Shoppe, a pop-up shop & gathering space for all things plants, art, and community. Sarah is a painter based in West Palm Beach, whose heavily textured and vibrantly colorful paintings are inspired by her love of local flora and fauna and spending time outside. In 2015, she was chosen to be the official poster artist for Artigas Fine Arts Festival (Jupiter) and Sunfest (West Palm Beach). Sarah is a second generation artist and her late father, Joseph LaPierre, remains one of the biggest influences to her work, having passed down his palette knife technique which has become a principle characteristic of her "thick paint" style. ⁣

On Rosemary Square’s new lush look, she shares, “It’s so refreshing and lovely. You can see how much care went into the design and how much visitors are enjoying the gathering space.”⁣ ⁣

Stop into The Garden Shoppe to view her work, also available for purchase, and attend a workshop led by the artist.

Follow her work at @thickpaint. ⁣


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