Developer Has Vision for Big Changes at CityPlace

WPBF Channel 25
December 12, 2017

By Ted White

Kenneth Himmel, President and CEO of Related Urban said he wants to make big changes at Cityplace in downtown West Palm Beach.

“It’s an opportunity to take Cityplace to a whole new level; as we call it Cityplace 2.0,” Himmel said.

Related Group built Cityplace when it opened in 2000.

Himmel said he wants to transform the former Macy’s building into 80,000 square feet of retail, with a signature restaurant at the based.

He said there is plenty of room to do more at the site.

“And then we’re going to build a 350-unit luxury residential building all in place of a small department store,” Himmel said.

Himmel unveiled his plan at the Breakers Hotel today during the Palm Beach Chamber breakfast.

He said he also plans to build a 225,000 square-foot office building across the street from the Publix on Rosemary Avenue and either build a larger Publix or expand the existing location.

The project also calls for a major renovation at the Muvico theater.

“We’re going to spend a lot of money shrinking the theater a little bit, upgrading it to a little more premium experience,” Himmel said.

Himmel added that this is all his vision to make the location better.

He said he plans to meet with city commissioners in three months.

The city would have to approve the project.

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