CityPlace is known to have the best shopping in West Palm Beach. Fashion, footwear, luxury shops, and beauty stores abound. CityPlace is also a destination for dining, entertainment and community events. Burgers, barbecue, pizza, smoothies, dessert, you can find anything to please your palate at CityPlace West Palm Beach. Movies, bowling, music, live events, CityPlace is your place! Even if you just need to grab a few groceries, your local CityPlace is your destination, with Publix and coming this autumn, CityPlace Farmer’s Market starting in the fall.

Community Connections at CityPlace

As a destination for those living in West Palm Beach, CityPlace maintains and fosters connections to the community. Whether it is holding free fitness events, or displaying the art of local high school and middle school artists, CityPlace fosters growth and community bonds whenever possible. This autumn CityPlace is proud to offer a Farmer’s Market to the West Palm Beach community.

Why Farmer’s Markets

cityplace_farmers_market_event_980x1100_jun2017Farmer’s Markets are a resurfacing trend all across the United States. Where they were once a local fixture and one of the few ways for locals to trade produce and homemade goods with their neighbors, grocery stores, and department stores replaced farmer’s markets. These days consumers are becoming more conscious of where their food is grown and farm to table goods are in demand. Farmer’s Markets directly stimulate the local economy by providing a direct link for small farmers and the community. This enables the community to access small growers that they wouldn’t see in chain stores and it allows for locally ripe produce to be enjoyed while it is in season in the area in which it grows. Utilizing farmer’s markets also reduces your carbon footprint as it reduces the need for long term packaging and transportation. Farmer’s markets also become natural gathering places, ripe for socialization and showcasing local talents.

CityPlace Fall Farmer’s Market

This autumn, starting in the fall, CityPlace West Palm Beach will feature a Farmer’s Market. These farm stands will feature produce grown locally in the West Palm Beach area, ripe and ready for your table at home. You will have access to a wide variety of organic and locally grown produce, most of which was picked in the last twenty-four hours just for you. There will also be homemade goods made by artisans and vendors from the community. Organic bread, jams, honey, cheeses, the West Palm Beach area is rife with kitchen businesses that produce quality items using local ingredients. The Farm Stands at CityPlace will also feature live musical acts with South Florida’s up and coming local artists.

There will be culinary demonstrations to show you how to utilize some of the products you will find at the Farmer’s Market. There will be food and beverage tastings so you can sample the amazing quality of some goods before you buy them! All of CityPlace will be getting into the spirit of the Farmer’s Market with happy hour drink specials and other specials for when you need a break from your shopping. As an additional benefit, anyone who spends fifty dollars or more at the Farmer’s Market receives free parking at CityPlace! The market is slated to run through May of 2018 so be sure to check back regularly for the updated Farmer’s Market event schedule. You can also sign up for your local CityPlace newsletter to stay in the know!

Your Local CityPlace is the Place for All of Your Needs

Whether you need groceries or shoes, a night out, or a movie with friends, your West Palm Beach CityPlace is the only destination you need. With a myriad of shops, boutiques, and stores, there is always a place for you to find that special something. Taking your family out for a cozy birthday can happen at any of a variety of the CityPlace eateries. Pizza, appetizers, or desserts, you have choices at CityPlace. Your slice of the nightlife is here as well. Many events happen every week at CityPlace, our searchable schedule is always there for your perusal. Live music, comedy, DJs, drink specials, anything you could need for a memorable night is at your local West Palm Beach mall. Plenty of community interaction happens at CityPlace. Art exhibitions, local performing artists, and farmer’s markets, CityPlace aims to tie the community together.


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