A Step-By-Step Guide on How High Dive Prepares Mahi Mahi

We visited High Dive in the kitchen to watch how it’s done

High Dive, the relaxed yet elevated seafood-focused restaurant, invited us to join them in the kitchen to learn how they prepare one of their signature dishes – local Mahi Mahi. High Dive pairs the Mahi Mahi with fingerling potatoes, rapini, hazelnut Romanesco, charred scallion vin to create a simple and healthy dish.

Step one: Smash the fingerling potatoes using the palms of the hands against your countertop.

High Dive_Smashed Potatoes

Step two: Season both sides of the Mahi Mahi filet with salt and pepper, as well as the rapini and fingerling potatoes

High Dive_Seasoned Mahi Mahi

Step three: In a separate bowl, combine scallion greens, pickled scallion white (pickled ahead of time in white balsamic), and charred scallion oil – mix together and season with salt and pepper.

High Dive_Mixed Scallions

Step four: Oil pan and bring to medium heat. Add the Mahi Mahi, potatoes and rapini to pan. For a medium temperature Mahi Mahi, cook for 2-3 minutes on each side (depending on the thickness of the filet).

High Dive_Cooked Mahi

Step five: As the Mahi Mahi, potatoes and rapini finish cooking, prepare your plate by laying a bed of hazelnut Romanesco in the middle of the dish.

High Dive_Romanesco

Step six: Remove fingerling potatoes and arrange on top of the hazelnut Romanesco. Remove rapini and arrange atop the potatoes, and finally, remove the Mahi Mahi and place on top of the rapini.

High Dive_Potatoes and rapini

Step seven: Complete the dish by drizzling the scallion mixture on the Mahi Mahi and the oil around the edges of the plate.

High Dive_Drizzled scallions

Step eight: Enjoy!

High Dive_Mahi Mahi dish


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