The Message by Carole Feuerman

The Message
by Carole Feuerman

The Message is a stunning, lifelike sculpture by artist Carole A. Feuerman. A female figure in a swimsuit and cap leans over gracefully, with one leg bent, to pick up a folded message.  It calls to mind the sculptures of Degas in its classical beauty and flowing movement. The viewer is left to wonder about the contents of the message, as the figure is frozen in the moment of tension between receiving and reading it.   Feuerman easily captures the beauty of this tension through lifelike details.  The hyperreal nature of the sculpture seems at odds with its materiality of 225 pounds of lacquered bronze. Though the figure is permanently caught in a transient moment, the details of her pose and facial expression emulate a sense of inner peace. The Message brings attention to the Plaza Fountain as a place of transience, of convergence, and of human communication in itself, leading the viewer to wonder about what kinds of messages the fountain will bear witness to in its future.

Feuerman is recognized as a pioneering figure in the world of hyperrealist sculpture, which emerged around 1970 in relation to photorealist painting. Together with contemporaries Duane Hanson, born in 1925, and John De Andrea, born in 1941, Feuerman was one of the three leaders in making lifelike sculptures that portray their models precisely. Feuerman’s prolific career has spanned over four decades and her works continue to be exhibited worldwide. In Italy, she has exhibited four times in the Venice Biennale, in the Piazza della Republica; and the Teatro Romano e Museum Civico in Fiesole. In Asia, she has exhibited in Harbour City, Hong Kong; The National Museum of China, Shanghai, Huan Tai Hu Museum, Jiangsu, China; and the Clayarch Museum, Daejeon Museum and Suwon Museums in Korea. Numerous public sculptures have appeared in outdoor venues, including Petrosino Square in New York City and the Frederik Meijer Sculpture Gardens in Grand Rapids, Michigan. One of Feuerman’s most recognizable pieces, The Golden Mean, is owned by the city of Peekskill and can be seen in Riverfront Green Park overlooking the Hudson River.

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