movie theater in West Palm Beach, FloridaAMC CityPlace 20 features 20 screens with Sony 4K Digital Projection and Sound. This lavish entertainment complex also includes IMAX, D-Box Motion Code seating, and 3-D capabilities. As your premier movie theater in West Palm Beach, Florida – AMC CityPlace offers hours of non-stop fun and enjoyment for the entire family.

The facility also offers senior and student discounts, along with special rated tickets for early shows. From the latest in digital motion pictures to documentaries and much more, AMC has truly made it fun to go to the movies again. City Place also offers several convenient ways to enjoy the latest film releases at AMC 20. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Purchase tickets directly at the box office – discounts available for kids, seniors, and students. Students must have a valid ID to tap into daily discounts on all movie tickets.
  • Purchase tickets from self-service kiosks. Select the seats you want, which includes comfortable and cozy reclined units. You can also enhance your viewing experiencing by purchasing motion-based seats, which add real-time action and movements that correlate with action sequences on the silver screen.
  • Purchase tickets for IMAX and 3D films – bring the action right to your seat with stunning 4K digital projection and HD sound like no other!
  • Purchase tickets inside the movie theater, while enjoying a cold beverage at the bar or any of the fine restaurants and food kiosks within.

The Magic of West Palm Movie Theaters

There is nothing like enjoying a movie with family and friends in West Palm Beach. In fact, this area is still one of the top markets for films across the nation. From IMAX to Muvico in West Palm Beach, the area is blanketed by a number of theaters and cinemas with the latest in cutting-edge and state-of-the-art screens. As always, all patrons can enjoy a wide array of snacks, beverages and even meals at any of the cinemas in town.This includes scrumptious hot dogs and hot buttered popcorn, along with pretzels, candies, and nacho chips with cheese. Adults also have access to a vast selection of domestic and international wines, beers, and cold beverages. The kids can also enjoy several video games while waiting to watch their favorite movies on the silver screen.

The IMAX Experience at West Palm Beach

IMAX truly accentuates any new or existing full-length feature. No truer is this than when it comes to 3-D action and high-definition sound, which makes it feel like you are truly inside the movie! City Place is your premier venue for IMAX movies in and around the Greater Palm Beach area. The venue also hosts the following events for all family members, friends, and visitors:

  • Private parties, social gatherings, corporate team-building events, and birthday functions.
  • Business meetings, boy scouts – girl scouts movie jamborees, senior citizen events and special days.
  • Sneak previews, twin screens, single screens, IMAX, 3D, and so much more.
  • Discounts on snacks, foods, beverages, and anything you need to enjoy your special day at the movies!

IMAX Experience at West Palm BeachAMC 20 showcases all the latest movies and releases. However, customers can also enjoy movies that are no longer available at other local theaters. This is one of the benefits of making CityPlace your destination for all movies and events. The venue features spacious rows, comfortable seats, recliners and even full concierge services. In fact, some cinemas have waiters and waitresses that will come to your seating area and take your orders. There are round tables available, along with several bars and food-snack-self-service kiosks for optimal convenience and enjoyment. If it’s been a while since you been at the movies, now is a great time to rediscover the magic of the movies in West Palm Beach, Florida.

The movies have taken a backseat – in recent years – to digital streaming platforms on and off the web. In fact, even DVD rentals are now considered a thing of the past in many markets across the nation and the world. However, West Palm Beach and City Place has truly rejuvenated the film scene by revamping and revitalizing their movie theaters. From lavish and elegant dinners to cold beverages and all your favorite snacks, you can once again enjoy the movies and save plenty of movies with discounts and City Place AMC membership cards.

Enjoy the Movies Again at City Place

With so much to see and do in West Palm Beach, the movies are always a great place to start. For more information on the newest releases, simply check out City Place AMC 20 today and enjoy the show!



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