Art In and Around CityPlace

Art is a substantial part of South Florida culture, and CityPlace tries to reflect that by featuring different art installation and exhibits. From sculptures around CityPlace to art classes for kids and adults, there are multiple ways to experience art and culture in West Palm Beach. Learn more below.

Art Installations

There are several art installations throughout CityPlace that celebrate the art and culture of this area. Learn more about some of these installations and where you can find them below.

  • The Message – Carole Feuerman created the sculpture The Message. This sculpture is of a female figure in a swimsuit, leaning over to pick up a folded message. The Message is life-like with grace and flowing movement. This sculpture provokes a question for the viewer. What is in the message? Since the female is frozen at the moment before opening it, we will never know, but it is fun to guess. Feuerman is an influential figure for hyperrealist sculpture, with a career spanning over four decades. Her works have been on exhibit worldwide in places such as Italy, Hong Kong, New York City, and more.
  • Hybrid Infinity – Frankie Cihi painted Hybrid Infinity along the east façade of the 581-ft garage. Cihi is a Japanese-American painter that explores abstraction through traditional Japanese forms. She is best-known for colorful geometric paintings but has also expanded her practice to creating large-scale outdoor murals. Hybrid Infinity is a hand-painted piece that took Frankie Cihi three weeks to complete in December 2017.
  • Blue Rose #2 – Will Ryman created this sculpture featured at the entrance to CityPlace. This sculpture of three larger than life blue roses is an extension of Ryman’s sculpture series “The Roses” located on Park Avenue in New York in 2011. The bright blue coloring and large size of Blue Rose #2 were intentional to help move viewers away from traditional symbolism into symbolism that is more abstract. This sculpture allows for various interpretations and suggests that there is no universal way to interpret style. Be on the lookout for this sculpture next time you enter CityPlace.

Art is a huge part of South Florida, and it will always be part of CityPlace. While we have focused on these three works of art currently featured in CityPlace, this is not the only art you can find in here. CityPlace is also home to various art exhibits and exhibitions. Learn more about these below.

Art ExhibitsCityPlace art exhibits and exhibitions

Individual art installations are great, but if you are looking for art on a larger scale, you can check out different art and cultural centers in downtown West Palm Beach. At CityPlace, you can visit Culture Lab and the Armory Art Center which both offer a chance to see many unique pieces of art in one location.

  • Culture Lab – Culture Lab is a former Macy’s storefront that was turned into a cultural arts center and art exhibit space. This space features an art experience that is evocative of South Florida including artists like Jennifer Steinkamp, Phillip Estlund, Daniel Rozin, and Willie Cole. Additionally, the second floor of Culture Lab is a sound installation created by artist Stephen Vitiello. Culture Lab is open from 11 am to 6 pm Thursday through Sunday, so stop in and check it out the next time you are in CityPlace.
  • Armory Art Center – The Armory Art Center is another opportunity to experience art and art-themed events in downtown West Palm Beach. This center offers art exhibits, lectures, and special events. You can even take art classes at the Armory Art Center. The goal of this place is to inspire the experience and creation of art in the West Palm Beach area. The Armory Art Center has been encouraging a love for art for over three decades, and they look forward to many more Check out the Armory Art Center for yourself today.

As you can see, there is a lot of art to experience in downtown West Palm Beach. Art and culture are an influential part of South Florida, making it also an important part of CityPlace. If you would like to learn more about the art you can experience at CityPlace; you can click here.

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