Arts and Culture: Insider Art Tours and More

If you are looking to experience art in all of its many forms, there are some amazing places you should visit at CityPlace in downtown West Palm Beach. CityPlace emphasizes arts and culture, which is why we have places like the Culture Lab and the Armory Art Center Experience Experience, and events like the Insider Art Tours. Learn more about all the art experiences CityPlace and downtown West Palm Beach have to offer you below.Arts and Culture: Insider Art Tours and More

Insider Art Tours

The West Palm Beach area has a rich history of art and culture. Insider Art Tours take you on a walking tour of some of the art installations and murals that make up this town. This tour gives you the chance to see some incredible art and to learn more about what the art means.

The Insider Art Tours are 90-minute walking tours. During the walk, you will learn the meaning behind various murals in the West Palm Beach area, and your tour guide will share with you information about the artists who created these murals. The tour ends with refreshments and appetizers at the Hilton in West Palm Beach. These tours are going on at various times throughout the next couple of months. If you are interested in this fascinating art adventure, you can get tickets right here.

Armory Art Center Experience

If you want to both enjoy art and create art, you can go to the Armory Art Center Experience. The Armory Art Center Experience wants to inspire the creation and experience of art. The center has many different art exhibitions going on at different times. However, this is not just a place to witness art.

The Armory Art Center Experience also offers the chance to create your own art. The Armory provides art classes for students and adults of all ages. Their youth classes cover a variety of subject areas, and they are open to kids in kindergarten through 12th grade. The Armory Art Center Experience also offers Art Camps every year for students of various ages. The center has 12 art studios, which they use to teach many different types of art including drawing, ceramics, digital art, painting, sculpture, jewelry, and more. You can click here for additional information about the Amory Arts Center.

Culture Lab

Culture Lab was created as part of West Palm Beach’s urban revival and cultural agenda. Culture Lab is a former Macy’s storefront reimagined into a cultural arts center in downtown West Palm Beach. This arts center offers you the chance to view a variety of different artists and types of art.

The first-floor features artist Amy Gross and her hand embroidered and beaded fiber sculptures that make up her Silver Bees and Black and White Warblers exhibit. Other artists include Jennifer Steinkamp and her piece Cultured and Olek and the piece When It’s Real You Know It. The second floor of Culture Lab features a sound installation called You Are the Magic created by artist Stephen Vitiello. If you are looking for a multi-faceted art experience in downtown West Palm Beach, Culture Lab is the place for you.

October Live Music Series

October Live Music SeriesArt doesn’t have to be painted on a canvas or presented as a sculpture. Music is another form of art, and you can experience this art form at the October Live Music Series all month long at CityPlace. The October Live Music Series is an opportunity to listen to free live music on Friday and Saturday nights in the CityPlace square. Here is a schedule of the upcoming artists:

  • October 5th: Ellison Kendrick and Black Suit Band – Classic Pop
  • October 6th: Static Band – Soul/Rock
  • October 12th: Gypsy Lane – Classic Top 40s
  • October 13th: Lauren Echo – Blue-Eyed-Soul
  • October 19th: Liza Forero Band – Pop Music
  • October 20th: Bryant Del Toro – Funk / Pop
  • October 26th: Clement Aubrey and The Tribe Band – Reggae
  • October 27th: Khemistry – Top 40s

There are many different ways to experience arts and culture in the Palm Beach area. Insider Art Tours, the Culture Lab, the Armory Art Center Experience, and the October Live Music Series are just a few. If you would like to learn more about these events and others happening this fall, you can click here.

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