CityPlace Becomes Rosemary Square

You may have already seen the announcement that CityPlace is now Rosemary Square.  Learn more about why we made this change, what this change involves, and what you can expect from the new and improved Rosemary Square below.

The Shift from CityPlace to Rosemary Square

CityPlace Becomes Rosemary Square

The area surrounding Rosemary Ave in downtown West Palm Beach has been known as CityPlace for many years. However, this space is now going by a new name, Rosemary Square. In addition to the name change, upcoming changes in the physical space will allow for growth and new opportunities to enter this area. Related Companies has announced a five-year, $550 million investment in the Rosemary Square area which will bring new retail experiences, restaurants, office space, residences, and more to turn this area into an even more vibrant community.

The goal of this project and the development of Rosemary Square is to make this space an improved area to work, live, and visit, all while creating a dynamic neighborhood that fully embraces culture, community, commerce, and more. Learn about the specific changes that will be coming to this neighborhood below.

What You Can Expect from Rosemary Square

As discussed above, the change from CityPlace to Rosemary Square will involve a lot of changes and additions to the space in downtown West Palm Beach. Check out some of the changes you can expect below.

  • New Restaurants – CityPlace has always had great restaurants, and Rosemary Square will continue to offer you great options. However, Rosemary Square also plans to bring in new restaurants and culinary experiences for more options than ever before. One example of this is True Food Kitchen, which is coming to downtown West Palm Beach soon. True Food Kitchen works to create health-conscious dining options that are also delicious. Another exciting addition that you should be on the look-out for is Sur La Table, a retail and cooking school. Additionally, don’t forget about the new Barrio Sangria Bar that features an outdoor bar and restaurant, coming to you in the summer of 2019.What You Can Expect from Rosemary Square
  • Public Artwork – Rosemary Square is also working to bring you, even more, art and culture than before with additional art installations and art exhibits. One of these public art installations will be the Water Pavilion West Palm that was created by artist Jeppe Hein. This is an interactive art piece that allows visitors to walk through vertical columns of water. At Rosemary Square, we understand how vital art is, and plan to continue to support and showcase artists, art exhibits, and cultural centers as well as feature large scale murals and sculptures throughout West Palm.
  • New Office Space – While there are many places to entertain yourself and have a good time, Rosemary Square isn’t just a place to visit. You can work here too! As part of the upcoming renovations, we will be opening a new office space named 360 Rosemary. This 300,000 square foot office building will make West Palm Beach a center for commerce in South Florida, and bring new jobs to the area. After this office building is complete, there are plans also to add new luxury residences and a second hotel. These projects will bring enormous opportunities for growth to downtown West Palm Beach.

As you can see, the change from CityPlace to Rosemary Square is much more than just a name change. This change will involve a new look, new amenities, improved community, and a space that focuses on giving you what you want. Learn more here about all that Rosemary Square can and will offer you.

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