Co-Working Shared Office Space is Coming to CityPlace

Co-Working Shared Office Space

Modern organizations have begun embracing shared workspace communities over the past several years, and South Florida businesses will have a new option to consider in October. Venture X CityPlace is coming to Downtown West Palm Beach and will provide a co-working style space for entrepreneurs, established businesses, creatives, startups, small businesses, and Fortune 500 companies alike. Venture X’s planned structure will feature a modern design including industrial elements, exposed beams, high ceilings, and floor-to-ceiling windows. The space will also include an outdoor terrace and a large lounge area for events, meetings, and socials. Membership and rent prices will vary by office size and space type, but Venture X offers flexible terms for dynamic organizations. Co-working spaces offer cost savings, networking opportunities, and flexibility compared to traditional office settings. Venture X CityPlace will offer these benefits and many more to Palm Beach County businesses.

Advantages of Embracing a Co-working Space

Many small businesses, startups, and freelancers look for affordable spaces to work. Co-working spaces are great options for these individuals and teams. There are several other advantages to using a co-working space as well:

  • Networking by Co-working – Co-working spaces offers unparalleled networking opportunities compared to traditional office spaces. Sharing office space with other freelancers, entrepreneurs, and small business owners provides warm introductions that would be impossible to replicate in other networking settings or office environments. These individuals can likely relate to your business successes and struggles, and you may even wind up doing business with them. New professional and personal relationships could all start by sharing office space.
  • Affordable for Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses– Start-up organizations must focus on costs and efficiencies, and leasing a co-working space is a great way to do both. Traditional leases are expensive and restrictive, while co-working arrangements offer cost-effective month-to-month leasing options.
  • Flexibility– Renting a regular office space offers limited flexibility, and commercial landlords often require multi-year leases to secure favorable pricing. Modern, dynamic organizations do not always operate in a linear fashion and may find standard leasing arrangements restricting. A co-working space will give you flexibility for your business as you won’t have to sign a lease or enter a long-term commitment. A co-working space will allow you to have the office space you need, without being in a long-term lease commitment.
  • Increasing Productivity and Sense of Community – Working from home can decrease productivity, as doing so blurs the line between home life and work life. It also works to isolate employees and reduce collaboration. Shared office space represents a medium between a full-size office and working from home, and it can increase your organization’s productivity and collaboration. Co-working spaces also provide access to a community of other businesses ranging in type, size, and industry.

Co-working or shared office spaces offer a multitude of benefits compared to conventional office environments. With its growing urban district and strong economy, Downtown West Palm Beach is the perfect place for a new Venture X location.

About Venture X

Venture X is a company that was founded by a father and son team David Diamond and Brett Diamond. They noticed how co-working spaces helped startups get started, so they built a Venture X co-working space in Naples, Florida in 2012. However, their vision went beyond just startups. David and Brett believed that entrepreneurs, freelancers, and businesses of all sizes could benefit from a co-working space. Their goal has always been to allow people the space they need to enjoy their workday.

This company built its first co-working space in Naples in 2012, but since then, they have expanded to other areas. One of those areas is CityPlace. Earlier this year, Venture X announced their plans to develop a co-working space within CityPlace in Downtown West Palm. This co-working space will be opening in October and will include technology meeting rooms, high-speed internet, 24/7 keycard access, a centralized café & lounge, office supplies and equipment, and more. You will be able to get monthly membership pricing based on the amount of space you are looking for. You can get a private office, a dedicated desk, a shared desk, a virtual office, or community space. If you are interested in learning more about the co-working space that is opening soon in CityPlace, you can reach out to Venture X .

The CityPlace Community

We are excited to embrace a co-working space in CityPlace. This shared office space will fit great with the other businesses and experiences in CityPlace. Learn more about all CityPlace has to offer below.

  • Shopping – CityPlace has a variety of shopping experiences for you. You can visit stores like Casper, Sephora, Francesca’s, H&M, and more. We also offer special discounts during specific times. For example, right now at Casper, you can receive 10% off, or you can receive 30% off a pair of SEE prescription glasses.
  • Dining – Whatever your food cravings are, you can satisfy them at CityPlace. With restaurant options like BurgerFi, Cab Flats Cantina & Tequila Bar, City Pizza, Il Bellagio, and many more, there is food and drink for everyone.
  • Arts & Culture – There is also plenty of arts and culture to experience in the Downtown West Palm Beach Area. You can see art and create your own art through the Armory Art Center Experience. You can also experience art and culture at Culture Lab, which houses art exhibits from a wide variety of artists.
  • Events – There are always events going on at CityPlace. You can experience live music, food holidays, free fitness classes, and even family activities. For example, we have Wellness Wednesdays where we offer a free fitness class in the CityPlace square.

Co-Working Shared Office Space at CityPlace

There are so many things to do and experience at CityPlace in Downtown West Palm Beach. It is an inspiring place to work and to play. We are excited to be working with Venture X to provide you with some great shared office space, so you can have a great location to do your fulfilling work. Let us know if you want to learn more about being a part of the co-working space.

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