Downton Abbey is a high-rated historical drama that garnered quite the following during its six series run. This show was so popular that it is now a traveling exhibition and will soon be a movie. Read on to learn about all the ways you can experience Downton Abbey, including  Downton Abbey: The Exhibition located in downtown West Palm Beach right now.

Downton Abbey The TV Show

The first episode of Downton Abbey aired on television in 2010. This British historical drama is set in post-Edwardian England and follows the fictional Crawley family on their Yorkshire county estate during the time period of 1912 to 1926. While the people in this story are fictional, the historical events depicted are not, and Downton Abbey worked to show how these events had an impact on the lives of people living during that time. Some examples of historical events that the show touched on are the sinking of the Titanic, World War I, and the Spanish influenza outbreak.


During the TV show’s run from 2010 to 2015, it became extremely popular and since its conclusion creators announced the exhibition as well as the making of a full-length movie.

Downton Abbey The Movie

In July 2018 the Downton Abbey movie was finally confirmed. The movie will be a follow-up to the six-season television series, and you can expect to see this film in theaters in September of 2019. It will come out first in the UK, followed closely by the US release on Friday, September 20th.

This film will feature many of the original cast including Maggie Smith (The Dowager Countess), Michelle Dockery (Lady Mary), Hugh Bonneville (Lord Grantham), Joanne Froggatt (Anna Bates), Elizabeth McGovern (Lady Grantham), and Laura Carmichael (Lady Edith); however, you will also see a lot of new faces and characters in the movie. There have not been a lot of details released about the plot of the movie, but we do know that it will start up about 18 months after the final episode of the last season so that it can pick up right where the TV show left off.

If you are someone who can’t want for the Downton Abbey movie to come out, be sure to check out the Downton Abbey Exhibition while you wait.

Downton Abbey: The Exhibition

The Downton Abbey Exhibition is a traveling exhibit based on the Downton Abbey television show. Experience the post-Edwardian England culture and history for yourself through this exhibit that brings the TV show to life with sets and costumes from the actual show. This exhibit started in New York, and it is now in West Palm Beach. Learn more important information about the exhibit below, and be sure to get your tickets soon.

  • Located in CityPlace in West Palm Beach, you can find the Downton Abbey Exhibit at 575 South Rosemary Avenue. The exhibit is open from 10 am to 7 pm every day.
  • You can purchase general admission tickets for a timed entry which means you pick the date and time when you want to enter the exhibit. You are allowed a thirty-minute time frame in which to enter. General Admission tickets cost $35.
  • If you need a little more flexibility for your schedule, you can buy VIP tickets. VIP tickets allow you to enter the exhibit any time during the day you purchased your tickets for. These VIP tickets cost $49 and also include a complimentary audio guide.
  • Parking for the exhibit is available in the public parking garages at CityPlace. Ticket holders receive parking validation for up to 2 hours, allowing you plenty of time to go through the exhibit and even stop by the gift shop.
  • Additionally, you can book group tickets if you will be entering the exhibit with ten or more people and you can get discounts on group tickets every weekday.
  • While you can spend as long as you want to in the Downton Abbey Exhibition, most people take around 90 minutes to go through. After you have finished, be sure to check out the exhibition shop for themed merchandise.

Downton Abbey: The Exhibition is a great way to experience your favorite TV show come to life. Don’t miss your chance to immerse yourself in the history of this fabulous show, get your tickets today, before the exhibit travels to a different location.


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