Art is a reflection of life and living, and it allows people to express themselves and show off their creativity. At CityPlace, we understand the importance of art and creativity, which is why we offer you different art activities and exhibits every month. Embrace your creativity by taking part in various art activities or observing art exhibits. Learn more about the art in CityPlace below.

Art Tours

Spark your own creativity by enjoying the art of others all around you. Right now, you can take part in the Art and Culture Adventure with Ashley. This event is an opportunity to take a walking tour of all the art installations throughout downtown West Palm Beach.

During this art tour, Ashley will share information about the different art installations and murals as well as interesting facts about the artists that created them. This is a 90-minute walking tour which includes light bites and drinks for just $40 per person. These art tours are scheduled for Friday mornings at 10 am throughout March and April. March dates include the 8th, 15th, 22nd, and 29th and dates in April will be forthcoming. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to learn more about the art that surrounds you in downtown West Palm Beach.

Culture Lab

Culture Lab is another place for you to observe art. This is a cultural arts center and exhibit space located in a former Macy’s storefront. At Culture Lab, you can experience different art installations including a 2nd floor sound installation by artist Stephen Vitiello. Learn more about Culture Lab here.

Armory Art Center

The Armory Art Center is a great location to embrace your creativity and be inspired. This center has many different functions; it is an art exhibition space, a place to take art classes, a lecture space, and more. The Armory Art Center’s mission is to inspire the creation and experience of art, making it an excellent place to embrace your artistic talents.

When it comes to learning about art, you can enjoy different lectures and lunch and learn experiences at the Armory Art Center. For example, on March 19th, listen to a Visiting Master Artist Workshop Lecture with Ying Li, and on March 21st, attend a Lunch and Learn about Textiles and Fibers.

If you are interested in creating art, you can participate in one of the almost 100 courses in different mediums such as digital arts, ceramics, drawing, painting, jewelry, and more. The Armory Art Center offers art classes for both children and adults. Youth classes include options like Teen’s Handbuilding, Preschool Readiness Through Art, Theatre Arts Workshop, and more. Adult classes include Basics of 3D Printing in Clay, Brush Work Design for Wheel Thrown Pottery, Drawing for Beginning Students, Figure Drawing, Beginning Sewing, Introduction to Jewelry, and more.

Additionally, you can take the opportunity to observe and enjoy art at the Armory Art Center through different exhibits and exhibitions. For example, on March 15th there is an Armory Artists Exhibition, and on April 12th there is a Photography Exhibition. Don’t miss out on all that the Armory Art Center has to offer you.

Art Installations at CityPlace

While walking through CityPlace, you may have seen different art installations including murals and sculptures. Art like Blue Rose #2 by Will Ryman and The Message by Carole Feuerman celebrate art and sculpture.

Blue Rose #2 is an extension of Ryman’s sculpture series “The Roses” that lined Park Avenue in New York. The Message by Carole Feuerman is a lifelike sculpture of a woman in a bathing suit and swim cap leaning over to pick up a folded message that leaves us wondering what it says.

Both sculptures are art installations currently featured at CityPlace. However, CityPlace is in the process of adding more art installations and murals to celebrate art further. Be on the lookout for murals like “Home Away from Home” by Frankie Cihi, “Palm Betch in Her Natural Environment” by Bane, “West Palm Waves” by Lisa Kaw, and more.

Celebrate art and embrace your creativity by checking out various art activities and taking a look at different art installations at CityPlace in downtown West Palm Beach.


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