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CityPlace in Downtown West Palm Beach features much more than just shopping; CityPlace also offers dining experiences, vibrant arts and culture, and even health and wellness events. District Fit is one of the significant health and wellness events you can experience at CityPlace in Downtown West Palm Beach. Learn more about District Fit below, and learn about the District Fit Preview that is coming your way in August.

CityPlace Health & Wellness

What is District Fit?

District Fit is a significant festival for health, wellness, and fitness. It is a multi-day event that occurs in Downtown West Palm Beach in the CityPlace district. District Fit includes wellness programs, holistic seminars, nutrition talks, live entertainment, and more.

For 2018, the District Fit Festival will be taking place from October 19th through October 21st in Downtown West Palm Beach. You can get a preview of what this event will be like during Wellness Wednesday on August 8th.

Wellness Wednesday: District Fit Preview

Wellness Wednesdays are a great time to learn more about health and wellness. Wellness Wednesday is different every week, but it is a chance for you to experience various aspects of Wellness. For example, on August 15th, the Wellness Wednesday is a Total Movement workout. You can try out this workout for free on the CityPlace square.

On Wednesday, August 8th, the Wellness Wednesday will be a District Fit Preview. This event will give you a taste of what you will experience at the District Fit Festival in October. The preview event will include different classes like a Cardio Kickboxing class and a yoga class. You will also be able to learn more information about the big District Fit event at this Wellness Wednesday preview.

You can get a preview of the District Fit Festival from 6 pm to 8 pm in the CityPlace square on August 8th.

2018 District Fit Main Event

District Fit is a multi-day wellness event going on in October of 2018 in West Palm Beach. What specifically will be going on during the 2018 District Fit event? Learn more below.

On Thursday, October 18th, you can kick off this year’s District Fit with a vegan dinner prepared by Executive Chef Miguel Santiago. Chef Santiago is partnering with Vegan Approved to bring you this delicious dinner.

Then, on Friday, October 20th, you can participate in a Fun Run. This fun run will be organized and led by the Palm Beach Road Runners, and it will take you through various parts of Downtown West Palm Beach.

You can also experience different workouts and support good causes during the 2018 District Fit. District Fit will have a special “Z for A C” Zumba Class that will honor those fighting against breast cancer. During this class, they will be accepting donations for the American Cancer Society’s RMWP Campaign.

On Saturday evening during District Fit, you can experience a wide variety of health and wellness events. On Saturday, October 20th during District Fit, you can try glow yoga, a guided imagery class, massages, live entertainment, and more.

However, District Fit isn’t just for adults; you should also be ready to enjoy events for the entire family. Health and wellness are important for everyone, especially kids, so District Fit will also feature kid-friendly events over the course of the weekend.

These are just some of the events and activities you can expect to enjoy at District Fit this October. It could be a great experience for you as well as your friends and family. Be on the lookout for more information about the District Fit main event, and mark your calendars for October 19th through the 21st.

Health and Wellness at CityPlace

District Fit is not the only health and wellness event going on at CityPlace. CityPlace places a strong emphasis on health and wellness with events like Wellness Wednesday and more. CityPlace also has an event called Yoga at the Culture Lab, which is a 60-minute vinyasa yoga class that takes place every Sunday at 10:30 AM. You need to be sure to bring your own yoga mat to Yoga at the Culture Lab, and there is a suggested donation of $10.

CityPlace has other places to workout as well. You can get your workout in at LA Fitness in CityPlace, Fitness Hub in Downtown West Palm Beach, and so many other places. You can find a workout that fits with your lifestyle and budget with multiple gym membership and workout class options. For example, Fitness Hub has Indoor Cycling, Power Abs, Yoga, Zumba, and so many more class options.

You can also experience healthy eating at CityPlace. There are many healthy eating options including The Shack, which is a Field of Greens pop up concept on Rosemary Avenue. This restaurant offers you delicious and healthy options like salads, sandwiches, cold pressed juices, acai bowls, and more.

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You can make health and wellness a part of your everyday life by getting involved in the different wellness events and experiences at CityPlace. Also, be sure to stop by our Wellness Wednesday on August 8th to preview the 2018 District Fit.

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