Reimagined West Palm Beach

As always, a lot is happening in CityPlace. However, right now, there is, even more, going on with construction and updates. That is because the reimagination of CityPlace has begun. Since 2000, the CityPlace neighborhood has been an area where you can find dining, shopping, and family, cultural, and fitness events. However, we want to step up our game. CityPlace will be going through improvements and updates to create a more locally authentic district. This improved district will be focused even more on community and connection to enhance work and play.

What will the reimagined CityPlace look like? Moving forward, CityPlace will be home to new restaurants, shops, and entertainment. However, there will also be new residential areas, office areas, and hotels coming your way in the next few years.

A reimagination and update of CityPlace is a big undertaking, so it will happen in different phases. Phase one will be the reimagining of Rosemary Avenue, which started at the end of October and will be complete in the spring of 2019.

Phase One of a Reimagined West Palm Beach

What can you expect from phase one? Phase one will include giving Rosemary Avenue some updates such as new bike racks, new canopies and shading, covered seating, a relocated valet, new additional trolley stops, updated lighting, parking garage improvements, and updated landscaping.Reimagined Cityplace West Palm Beach

All of these upgrades will help you have a new and improved place to spend your time in the city of West Palm Beach. You will be able to relax and enjoy Rosemary Avenue with refreshed covered seating areas, arts, and cultural elements, and more. There will also be wider sidewalks with no curbs to give you more room for walking as well as updated outdoor lighting and lush landscaping. The phase one reimagining of CityPlace also aims to improve the ease of coming and going. We are relocating the valet to Hibiscus street, which will improve traffic flow. Additionally, there will be new drop-off and pick-up locations for added accessibility. If you are someone who bikes in the city, you will soon be able to use the new bike racks that can hold 54 bicycles.

Phase one is now ongoing, and it will be done sometime in the spring of 2019. Once phase one is complete, phase two will begin.

What Will Phase Two Have in Store?

Projected to start in the summer of 2019, phase two of the CityPlace update will focus more on the CityPlace square and the upper entertainment plaza.

The updates you can expect to the CityPlace square will include more outdoor dining venues as well as expanded green areas. You can also anticipate lighting improvements and added art features. Additionally, during phase two, the upper entertainment plaza will be remodeled to include new public spaces and an enhanced outdoor dining area. The AMC Theater will also get a renovation, which will include the addition of recliner seats and more.

For years, CityPlace has been an area for people to enjoy excellent dining, shopping, and vibrant art. Moving forward, we still want CityPlace to provide you with all of that, but we also want to give you an upgraded place that serves more of your needs. The reimagined CityPlace will include more spaces to enjoy the outdoors with added seating and green spaces as well as improved accessibility so that coming to CityPlace won’t be a hassle. The reimagined CityPlace will be an unforgettable destination for you, your friends, and your family to gather and embrace life.

We look forward to sharing this new project with you. If you would like to learn more about construction and other updates, you can find additional information here.

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