Restaurants and Bars Coming Soon to Rosemary Square

CityPlace is going by a new name these days, and that it Rosemary Square. CityPlace has always been a great place to shop, eat, and be entertained, and as Rosemary Square, it is going to offer you even more. Rosemary Square will include public green spaces, modern residences, arts and culture programs, experiential culinary options, and more. Check out some of the culinary experiences coming to Rosemary Square soon.

Now Open: Tacos & Hip-Hop

Restaurants and Bars Coming Soon to Rosemary SquareTacos & Hip-Hop started as an organic gathering in West Palm Beach to enjoy delicious food and celebrate hip-hop culture. Now, it is a pop-up restaurant that you don’t want to miss if you love hip-hop music and delicious Mexican food. This pop-up restaurant just opened, and it is located at 550 South Rosemary Ave #158 in West Palm Beach.

The food and drinks at Tacos & Hip-Hop include items like avocado tostadas, guava and cheese beignets, asada fries, mango margaritas, and more. Enjoy a night food and dancing with the dynamic duo of Tacos & Hip-Hop in downtown West Palm Beach.

Coming This Summer: Barrio Sangria Bar

Make Barrio Sangria Bar your new summer spot to enjoy a few drinks after a long day at work or play. This outdoor bar will be adjacent to City Cellar Wine Bar & Grill in the heart of downtown West Palm Beach and have outdoor seating for 100 people.

Come down for drinks like handcrafted red, white, and rose sangria as well as gin and tonics which you can pair with delicious food like cheese and charcuterie plates, hearth-baked pizzas, and more. This new restaurant and bar will serve lunch and dinner every day as well as offer great happy hour specials Monday through Friday from 4 pm to 7 pm.

Coming This Fall: High Dive

Jeremy Bearman is the former executive chef of Michelin-starred Rouge Tomate, and Cindy Bearman is a former Pastry Chef of Jean George’s ABC Kitchen. These two chefs will be opening a new seafood restaurant in downtown West Palm Beach in the Fall of 2019 that will feature delicious seafood dishes made from locally-sourced fish and produce to give you a delicious and healthy dining experience. Be sure to look out for more information about their new restaurant High Dive coming in the next few months.exciting restaurants coming soon to west palm beach

Coming This Winter: True Food Kitchen

Another addition to the downtown West Palm Beach restaurant scene will be a restaurant called True Food Kitchen. True Food Kitchen is already an award-winning restaurant known for delicious food and health-conscious dining options and has many locations in California, Texas, and Florida, but this winter, they are coming to Rosemary Square

At True Food Kitchen, the menu is seasonal and often based on local food and produce. However, there are always healthy and delicious options for many different food preferences and diets. For example, you can find gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan options at True Food Kitchen as well as entrees like Turkey Burgers, Grilled Salmon, Spicy Panang Curry bowls, Mediterranean Quinoa salads, and so much more.

CityPlace has always offered you great restaurants, but there will be even more great options coming to Rosemary Square soon. In the meantime, check out some of the amazing restaurants that are already here in downtown West Palm Beach like City Cellar Wine Bar & Grill, The Regional, City Pizza, or Copper Blues Rock Pub & Kitchen.  Click here to learn more about your culinary experience options available now and those coming in the future to downtown West Palm Beach.

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