September Live Music Series

This fall, CityPlace is bringing music, art, and more to Downtown West Palm Beach. CityPlace always has different events and activities going on, and one of these events is the September Live Music Series.

The September Live Music Series is a chance for you to experience free live music on Friday and Saturday nights. This live music series features a wide variety of musicians and musical acts, and runs from 7:30 pm to 10:30 pm every Friday and Saturday in September. The series includes all types of music including soul, funk, rock, and top 40s to name a few. Learn more about some of the different acts that will be featured below.

September Live Music Series:

  • September 1: Mister Trombone & DJ; Dance MusicSeptember Live Music Series
  • September 7: TGIFamily: Food & Fun(d) free family event featuring Mister Trombone Band; Soul & Funk
  • September 8: Clement Aubrey and Sweet Justice; Reggae
  • September 14: Mister Trombone Band; Soul & Funk
  • September 15: Khemistry; Top 40s
  • September 21: Southern Sounds
  • September 22: Lauren Echo & the Living Room Band; R&B/Soul Rock
  • September 28: Jam Band; Top 40s
  • September 29:  Bryant Del Toro; Funk & Rock
  • If you are a music fan, you will not want to miss this event. The September Live Music Series is a great way to unwind from your work week and enjoy free live music. However, this series isn’t the only event going on at CityPlace. Learn more about other events that are happening at CityPlace below.

Other Music, Art, and Cultural Events Happening at CityPlace

There is something for everyone in regard to events and entertainment at CityPlace. The September Live Music Series is just one event going on at CityPlace this month.

Music for the Mind SeriesIf you are interested in live music, the Music for the Mind concert series is another event in CityPlace you will want to put on your calendar The Kretzer Piano Music Foundation hosts this concert series. Music for the Mind features musical groups and artists from Palm Beach and Martin County. These concerts take place on the third Tuesday of every month at 7 pm in the Harriet Theater. The Music for the Mind concert series is a great way to enjoy live music in Florida and contribute to a good cause. Tickets for these concerts cost $10 for adults and $5 for students, and all proceeds go to the Kretzer Piano Music Foundation, nonprofit dedicated to bringing music to the world. The Kretzer Piano Music Foundation provides performance opportunities and scholarships for kids, and they donate pianos to various charities.

Collaboration: African Diaspora ExhibitionA new art exhibition is coming to CityPlace from September 13th through September 22nd. This art exhibition is called Collaboration: African Diaspora, and it features over 38 artists. There will also be additional events associated with this exhibition, such as food tastings, marketplaces, workshops, lectures, book signings, and more. This is an art exhibition you won’t want to miss this month at CityPlace.

Culture LabCulture LabCulture Lab gives you the chance to immerse yourself in vibrant art. This cultural art center is located in a former Macy’s Department store, and it is open from 12 pm to 6 pm Thursday through Sunday. Culture Lab is a fantastic place to experience a growing art exhibit. This cultural center features artists like Sarah Knouse, Willie Cole, Jennifer Steinkamp, and Ioanna Pantazopoulou.

Armory Art Center ExperienceThe Armory Art Center Experience allows you to view art, but also gives you a chance to create art. This center offers art classes and workshops as well as art exhibitions. There are art classes for both kids and adults, so everyone can show off their creative side.

Art, culture, and music are vital parts of West Palm’s urban district. Take the opportunity to experience live music, art, and culture this month through events and experiences like the September Live Music Series, Collaboration: African Diaspora, and the Armory Art Center.

CityPlace in Downtown West Palm Beach hosts events and activities like those listed above every month. If you would like to learn more about the events and activities going on at CityPlace in Downtown West Palm Beach, you can do so here.

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