Tips for Home Design with Restoration Hardware

Broaden your design knowledge and experience with Restoration Hardware. This 80,000 square foot store boasts a design gallery, retail experience, and restaurant. RH is all about helping you reimagine the way that you think about design in your home with inspiring spaces, expert designers, and high-quality products. When you are thinking about a redesign for your home, you must stop by Restoration Hardware in Palm Beach.

Check out a few tips below on how you can up your game when it comes to home design, and visit Restoration Hardware in West Palm Beach for help getting started.All About Restoration Hardware in WPB

  1. Think About How You Want Your Space to Feel – While design is about how you want your space to look, it is also about how you want your space to feel. Puerto Rican Supermodel, Joan Smalls came to Restoration Hardware for help with creating the right feel in her home. Smalls wanted her condo to feel breezy and comfortable according to a story in Elle Décor, and with help from Restoration Hardware, she got the feeling she was looking for. What feeling do you want in your home?
  2. Think About How You Need Your Space to Function – Great design also goes hand in hand with function. When you are creating a room you must follow the most important principles of interior design, not the least of which is planning for real life. Design and function should work together to make a truly inspiring and useable space. When you are considering a redesign or remodel of a particular room in your home, take some time to think about how you really want to use that space and how those needs influence the design.
  3. Be Open to Possibilities – One thing that is essential in design is innovation. Doing the same old thing won’t give you a design transformation. When it comes to designing your home, be open to different ideas and products. Don’t dismiss things just because they are unique or unfamiliar. Those unique and innovative ideas could revolutionize your space.Tips for Home Design with Restoration Hardware
  4. Have Fun with Your Home Design – Last, but not least, have fun with your home design. While the design process can be a stressful one, it doesn’t have to be. When you work with designers from Restoration Hardware, they stay true to your vision, but also push you to keep things fun and inspiring.

These are just a few quick tips to help you get started with your home design; however, there are really endless tips and conversations to be had about design and the philosophy behind it. Take these tips and check out the Restoration Hardware Gallery in West Palm Beach, to see how you can level up your home design.

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