Building Your Second Brain Class at Venture X

Unfortunately, most of the workweek is spent searching for information; it's daunting, we know. Come learn how to get your time back during this knowledge management event at Venture X. 

You will learn how to streamline efficiencies so you can stop searching and access essential information faster than ever before.

About the Speaker:

Born in Florida and raised in Hawaii, Nicholas spent his childhood on or in the ocean surfing and diving. Today, he is the co-founder and CEO of bundleIQ, an AI company that suggests contextually relevant information at the right time.

About bundleIQ:

bundleIQ helps knowledge workers find and access information faster. The AI learns your behavior and suggests essential information before you even know you need it, all while saving you time and cognition.

Event details:

Date & Time

July 20th from 4:30-6PM

interior view of Venture X with people sitting in chairs and working spaces

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