Drive Through Hot Meal Pick Up

Drive-through only meal distribution at Rosemary Square provided by Palm Beach Harvest will be on May 13 from 11AM to 1PM.

Enter eastbound on Hibiscus Street in front of the Harriet Himmel Theater from Sapodilla Avenue or Rosemary Avenue.

First come, first serve, while meals last. Four meal maximum per four wheel vehicle.

Volunteers will bring food to vehicles, so please do not get out of the car.

To date, Palm Beach Harvest has distributed approx. 2,280 hot meals from Rosemary Square, as well as approx. 135 meals to the staff of St. Mary's Hospital and Jupiter Medical Center. 


Where is the hot meal pickup?

Palm Beach Harvest will distribute the meals in front of the Harriet Himmel Theater located at 700 S Rosemary Avenue.

Will I come into contact with anyone in the meal pick up line?

The Palm Beach Harvest hot meal pickup line at Rosemary Square is designed to be contact free. We will leave the meals in the trunk to ensure you and are team members are contact free. Just remember to unlock your car doors or open your trunk ahead of time to ensure a seamless pickup.

Do I need to pay for the hot meals?

No, the meals are free so we can help those in need in our community.

There are only two people in my car but I’m in need of four meals. What do I do?

All cars will receive four meals. 

Who prepares the hot meals and where does the food come from?

A team of certified chef at Lakeside Presbyterian Church cook and prepare the meals within the church’s restaurant-grade kitchen. Palm Beach Harvest sources the food from local grocery stores, hotels, restaurants, and farms.

Am I guaranteed a meal if I wait in line?

Our hope is that we can provide meals for everyone waiting in line, but please note it is first come first serve while supplies last.

Can I pick up a hot meal by walking up to the line?

All visitors must be in a car, and remain in their vehicle, in order to pick up a hot meal.

I have a business that would like to donate food. How can I help?

Palm Beach Harvest rescues an average of 10,000 pounds of food a day from local grocery stores, restaurants, hotels, and more. If you own a business that has food waste and would like to see that waste put to great use, please visit

What food items is Palm Beach Harvest most in need of?

Palm Beach Harvest is always in need of protein and grains/starches such as rice.

How can I get involved with Palm Beach Harvest?

Visit to learn more about how you can lend a helping hand.

Date & Time

May 13, 11AM


drive through food pickup

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