The Garden Shoppe Events & Workshops

Join The Garden Shoppe all month long for a series of hands-on gardening workshops, educational discussions, fresh produce tastings, and more. In addition to weekly Friday happy hours, Saturday festivals, and Sunday farmers markets, upcoming events at the shop include:

Flower & Herb Bed Planting Demo
July 9: 7-8PM
Join the professional edible landscapers from Palm Beach Farmyards as they demonstrate how to plant a flower and herb bed outside of The Garden Shoppe.

The Nonprofit Mission of Palm Beach Farmyards
July 10: 7-8PM
Meet the visionaries behind Palm Beach Farmyards and learn why you should support their nonprofit mission.

Tiny Space Gardening
July 11: 7-8PM
You name it, we can help you garden on it! From lanais, balconies, porches, and patios to verandas, terraces, decks, gazebos, and pergolas, learn how to make the most of your tiny space to grow the garden you always wanted.

Beyond Sustainable: Urban and Regenerative Farming
July 15: 7-8PM
Did you know urban farming is actually the most efficient form of farming? During this workshop, we’ll discuss the benefits of this farming method, highlight compelling research by Dr. John Zahina-Ramos, and look at solutions to the industrial agriculture system.

Farm Your Yard
July 16:7-8PM
Learn edible landscaping techniques, tips, and tricks straight from the professionals at Palm Beach Farmyards.

Beyond Organic: Let Thy Food Be Thy Medicine
July 17: 7-8PM
Learn the many health benefits of homegrown fruits vegetables and herbs.

Paint a Planter Workshop
July 18: 7-9PM
Get your creative juices flowing and join local artist Sarah LaPierre to paint your own terracotta pot. Select an herb or flower of your choice to be plant in your new creation and learn how best to take care of the plant. Workshop is $15. Tickets are available here.

Seeds of a Revolution
July 22: 7-8PM
Learn all about seeds, including how best to germinate them, what seeds grow best in South Florida, how to save seeds, and more. Bring your own local seeds to the workshop to swap with others.

How To Create A Food Forest

July 23: 7-8PM
This workshop is an introduction to permaculture. Learn about a system of agriculture designed to be sustainable and self-sufficient that we all can take part in to create heaven on earth.

Herb Gardening 101
July 24: 7-8PM
Learn how to save money on herbs by growing them at home and kick the flavor in your cooking up a notch.

Girls Gone Green

July 29: 6-8PM

Date & Time:

July 1st to 31st


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