Are you looking for creative or expressive art? Or maybe you are in need of new a place where vibrant arts and culture scene are an integral part of life. Are you looking for a place to indulge in great experiences that embodies sophistication and cultural events? New Year is in full swing in South Florida, which can mean only one thing: culture lab at City Place.

What is the culture lab?

The former Macy’s storefront-turned-new cultural arts center and experiential creative space is part of an ongoing program inspired by West Palm Beach’s urban revival and cultural agenda. The program will offer visitors and locals an art experience that embodies both the sophistication of the revitalization and the eclectic history of the area.

The space on Rosemary Avenue in City Place will transform and add new elements of surprise with culinary walk-up windows and parklet seating, educational programming and events, and arts and cultural activation.

Experience the events in west palm beach area

Artist Stephen Vitiello features a one-of-a-kind sound installation ‘You Are the Magic,’ an interactive, multi-channel sound art experience. You Are the Magic is an interactive, multi-channel sound installation by internationally-recognized sound artist Stephen Vitiello. The immersive artwork occupies the entire second floor of a former department store at City Place, inviting visitors to enter and meander freely through various areas of the space.

Site-specific sounds and images—created using various elements of the space itself—transform the inside of the deserted building into an engaging, auricular landscape. Building upon the visceral phenomenon of subliminal advertising and suggestion to the shaping of perception, each soundscape reacts to and redefines the building’s previous iteration as a shopping store. The site-specific sounds and images seek to inquire about what sounds space remembers, and what sounds it still dreams of.

You Are The Magic is not a critique of consumerism as much as an appreciation of what is found in the space and what is promised by intervention, while it simultaneously seeks to reshape the viewer’s experience. The multi-channel installation consists of four different soundscapes that, all together, create an immersive spatial experience.

“Only Traces Remain,” a text-driven monologue collaboration with novelist Paul Park, occupies the former Men’s Apparel section of the space. “Find Your Way,” a video collaboration with sonic artist Andrew Deutsch, transfigures the former Intimate Apparel section and integrates subliminal images of magic and promise. “Soundtrack for the Luggage Chapel” fills the former luggage sales section with a series of unique, site-specific sounds which viewers are invited to contemplate while relaxing on soft seating in ambient lighting.

You Are The Magic is a mesmerizing captivation of the building’s atmospheric sounds that form and rely on its visitors’ spatial understanding. The universal nature of sound provides a democratic experience, allowing each visitor to relate to the installation on his or her own terms. Yet, while each experience is highly individual, each one is intertwined with the whole as a crucial part of the collective soundscape.

Stephen Vitiello is an electronic musician and media artist. His sound installations and multi-channel works are in the permanent collections of the Museum of Modern Art, the Whitney Museum, and the Museum of Contemporary Art, Lyon. Vitiello’s CD releases have been published by New Albion Records, Sub Rosa, 12k and Room 40. Exhibitions include a site-specific work for New York City’s High Line, as well as “Soundings: A Contemporary Score,” at the Museum of Modern Art; the 2002 Whitney Biennial; and the 2006 Biennial of Sydney. Over the last 25 years, Vitiello has collaborated with artists and musicians such as Pauline Oliveros, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Taylor Deupree, Joan Jonas, Julie Mehretu and Steve Roden.

Vitiello has been awarded a Guggenheim Fellowship for “Fine Arts,” a Creative Capital grant for “Emerging Fields” and an Alpert/Ucross Award for Music. In 2012, Australian Television produced the documentary, Stephen Vitiello: Listening With Intent. Originally from New York, Vitiello is now based in Richmond, VA where he is a professor of Kinetic Imaging at Virginia Commonwealth University.



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